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Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness for Your Employees = Mental Wellness for Our Students

The Ed Lally Foundation’s “Workplace Wellness” program provides workplace trainings to support your employees’ mental health. These research-based trainings are taught in a down-to-earth manner accessible to all. Furthermore, proceeds from all Workplace Wellness trainings go directly to support the “Power of Expression,” a school-based program that shares crucial mental health & suicide prevention information and resources with students in our community.

"Mindful Mental Health" - Proactive Evidence-Based Approach to Mental Wellness 
60-90 min workshop(s) providing:

  • Experience simple research-based strategies to improve mental health, including mindfulness & breathing techniques proven to heal the brain & nervous system.
  • Benefits include: Reduced stress, anxiety and blood pressure; improved sleep, mood, digestion and immunity.
  • Learn de-stigmatizing mental health information to foster an open, supportive dialogue in the workplace.
  • Receive “take-home” resources provides to support continued mental wellness.


"Question, Persuade, Refer" - Mental Health First Aid Protocol
60-90 min workshop providing:

  • Learn how to support friends, family, and co-workers in times of mental health crisis.
  • Become certified in QPR and learn the 4 different types of Mental Crisis Clues and how to look for them.
  • Learn eye-opening facts about depression, anxiety, suicide, and suicide prevention.
  • Receive a step-by-step guide with resources to support someone in a mental health crisis.



  • MMH workshop -  $395
  • QPR training - $295
  • MMH & QPR - $595
*Multiple/Monthly sessions options available
*Pricing for small groups, additional fees apply for larger groups/multiple sessions